No matter what is and what we want to change, first comes the inner peace with it

.... always .... R. Rheinschmidt

Dr. med. Günter Niessen
Katharina Lehman, alternative practitioner psychotherapy

Benevolence and self-confidence strengthen our power of self-healing and are most accessible to us when we are in a state of inner harmony. However, in modern everyday life, we are often thrown off balance and thus lose sight of our inner center. Maintaining the resulting state of inner distance absorbs a lot of energy, as does trying to dismiss it. Instead, we can use this energy to shape our path in life, a path which allows us to achieve inner harmony – our natural state of being – in a healthy way, fueled by self-initiative.
Momentum Regeneration is the everlasting invitation to find back to your inner center: Do what you can, wherever you are and with whatever you have.

Momentum Regeneration is a synthesis of holistic medicine, psychology, yoga therapy and gentle healing methods from related fields such as Ayurveda and art therapy. All these forms of therapy complement each other in a harmonious way and encourage you to take personal initiative towards your own health and vitality and the shape your life takes on.


is like a concentrated impulse, a kind of drive filled with potential and opportunities for development. Pause for a moment, and you can discover the most authentic and loving version of yourself. To feel and to wield this momentum is to self-responsibly and confidently take your life into your own hands – in a joyful, heartfelt way.


is the energy and potential to heal, inherent to every living being. As a process, regeneration is a part of our living nature, our ongoing potential for renewal moored in each and every cell of the body. During this process, the body recovers, experience of our existence is processed and integrated into growth and self-understanding. In a medical context, regeneration means “getting well again” – it describes the strengthening of our resilience.