100h intensive seminar

Five weekends: 100 hours of yoga teacher training

100h Applied Yoga Therapy - what works, focused on the essentials - with Dr. med. Günter Niessen and Katharina Lehman (HP Psychotherapy). The 5 seminar weekends are aimed at yoga teachers AND other regular yoga practitioners who want to use yoga as part of their therapeutic work.

The more yoga opens up to ALL, the more people of all ages and fitness levels find their way into our classes. Many yoga teachers are faced with the task of creatively adapting classes to possible limitations and sensitively responding to sensitivities without overextending themselves. At the same time, new opportunities arise to specialize in the most diverse clientele in both group and individual settings.

For this purpose, we have developed the 100h intensive seminar "Applied Yoga Therapy", which takes place over five weekends. The contents reflect our many years of experience with clients and their diverse problems. Without going too much into the theory of disease, we deepen your knowledge of the effects of yoga and make clear the therapeutic aspects of movements, breathing techniques, relaxation methods and meditation. We provide a solid foundation of knowledge about common ailments and the variations necessary for the specific application of yogic techniques. Emphasis is placed on guiding people with a wide variety of needs or personal desires.

A growing field of activity for yoga teachers is individual instruction or personal yoga. How do we design a personal practice that meets individual needs and supports personal development and promotes vitality?

Individual classes are a joint creation of teacher and student, we pay attention to behavioral and movement patterns, try to perceive what is going on in the other person and work out a goal together. With some basic knowledge of functional anatomy and physiology, common mechanisms of injury, the benefits of postures and breathing techniques, we can select some targeted Āsanas or exercise sequences - Vinyāsas - practice a Prānāyāma and introduce relaxing techniques of yoga to address the particular circumstances of life - we can get specific and thus integrate the therapeutic approach into the yoga practice. In this way, yoga can help relieve pain, activate inherent reserves, and balance imbalances.

To promote personal agility, self-awareness and self-efficacy at all levels, we incorporate the Yogasūtra, basic Ayurvedic principles and aspects of modern medicine and psychology, as well as common sense.


Dr. med. Günter Niessen
Katharina Lehman, alternative practitioner psychotherapy

What you learn

The yoga-therapeutic approach is based on specific skills with which you can design individual yoga practices in a one-on-one setting and also support the freedom of choice and personal responsibility of each individual in group classes. In short, you learn to assess and implement how to promote the well-being and regenerative power of each individual in a targeted and sustainable way.

What you invest

  • five seminars of 20 hours each - can be booked individually; 100 hours in total
  • Friday 2 - 6 p.m. - Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. - Sunday 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • 360 € per seminar
  • 1.600 € with one-time payment of all five seminars

What you get

  • high density of information and practice
  •     Script
  • Video recordings of the weekends
  • Certificates and CE points (Continuing Education) with the Yoga Alliance
  • Discounted access to our wide range of continuing education programs


Our courses are primarily aimed at experienced yoga teachers with teaching experience and the desire to deepen their teaching skills. All those with experience in yoga from the healing professions and related fields who wish to use yoga as a therapy-accompanying measure will also benefit. This course is not suitable for beginners to yoga.

Topics of the seminars/each 20 hours


Movement skills and functional anatomy, Āsana variations and intelligent sequences, reading body language, understanding tissue regeneration, functional approach for individual lessons


Yoga breathing techniques and physiology of breathing, Āsana and Prānāyāma for the immune and lymphatic systems, cardiovascular and digestive systems


Understanding the central and autonomic nervous system, differentiating between acute and chronic pain, pratyahāra and relaxation


Emotional and mental balance, centering the mind, self-regulation and dealing with stress and crises, meditation, assessing body language and behavior through the lens of the gunas


Self-awareness and self-care, defining your role as a yoga teacher, measures to create a safe space for personal development, compassion and empathy based on YS 1.33, active listening and motivational interviewing



Momentum Regeneration® offers monthly online meetings to support you with specific questions and to discuss important topics.

The cost is 15 € / 1.5 hours

Workshops and case studies

We organize in-depth continuing education formats on various specialties such as cancer, aging, women's health, relaxation, nutrition and applied Āyurveda.

The cost of the workshops varies according to duration and is reduced for participants of our trainings.

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