What is the time structure of the training?

7 consecutive modules of 40 hours each plus preparation and follow-up = 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training.

Is the Yoga Alliance training certified?

We are a registered yoga school (RYS300) certified by the AYA (American Yoga Alliance). If you are registered with the Yoga Alliance as a 200-RYT, you can upload the training to your profile.

How much does the training cost?

The modules cost 610,00 €, the final week module 7 including the final paper for the 300 hours certification 740,00 €.

Total cost of the training: € 4,400.00

Am I tied to a training location?

The training is not bound to one training location and can be completed with different teachers as desired.

Do I have to have completed the training in a certain time?

You are free to complete the training at your own pace, e.g. one or two modules each year (training period 3 years or longer) or all modules in one year.

Do I have to take the modules in numerical order?

No, but: the modules build on each other in pairs and we recommend attending module 1,3 and 5 before 2,4 and 6 respectively. Module 7 including the final thesis requires at least the participation in 4 previous modules.

Is there an exam?

As part of the final week of Module 7, a final paper will be completed in order to receive the Momentum Regeneration Yoga Therapy 300 hour certificate. This will include some multiple-choice questions as well as a case description and a short essay on a self-selected topic from the range of course content.
Separately, certificates of attendance for 40 hours will be issued for each module.

What are the requirements for participation in the training?

Basic training as a yoga teacher and/or a regular yoga practice of one's own for therapists from healing professions who want to offer yoga tailored to their patients to strengthen self-care and support therapeutic measures.

Are there study documents?

There is a specific training script for each module as well as a total of 3 basic scripts for the subgroups M1&M2, M3 and M4 and M5&M6. In addition, there are drawings of the asanas that will be gone through in the training. We provide audio recordings of each module in a training dropbox and numerous links and recommendations for your own research.

Can the modules be repeated?

Yes - the modules can be repeated at half price.