Yoga Therapy Day | Yoga for Hip Health


11. Februar 2023


Dr. Günter Niessen, Katharina Lehman



für Yogatherapie Teilnehmer
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Online via Zoom
Praxis für Yoga und Orthopädie


Praxis für Yoga und Orthopädie


This Yoga therapy day will take place in English only and guide you through our approach on hip health including strategies for dealing with hip impingement and hip replacement

Medicine and yoga have very contrary approaches to the hip joint. Whereas hip surgery and the replacement of the hip joint is considered one of the most successful achievements of conventional medicine, the yogic approach offers insights on how to keep our hips healthy, flexible and pain free.

What can be done to reach these goals? What should be avoided? Is stretching a proper tool for hip health and if so, how can it be used? For more than a decade I have been experiencing increasing numbers of yoga practitioners and clients in my outpatient clinic suffering from hip impingement, osteoarthritis and more. Sometimes, the damage induced by inadequate understanding of hip range of motion is irreversible. However, more often than not, there are ways to stop and even reverse the damage, of which the affected are often unaware. Yoga teachers can use their knowledge of basic physiology and the warning signs of possible damage to guide the students through their practice safely. First and foremost, a felt sense and knowledge of one’s individual anatomy is integral to performing all yoga movements and postures.

If signs of osteoarthritis are already present, we still have lots of options to influence the process in a beneficial way. Techniques to nourish the hip cartilage, increase metabolism in the pelvic region and reduce stress on the hip bone are manifold and easy to teach once understood. We will also discuss ways and guidelines to accompany our students before and after surgery.

We are looking forward to seeing you online from 9 am to 5 pm. The Zoom link will be sent one day before the seminar. Replay videos can be viewed for 3 months after the seminar.