Yoga Therapy Day | Our Feet


14. Januar 2023


Dr. Günter Niessen, Katharina Lehman



für Yogatherapie Teilnehmer
ermässigt 75 €


Online via Zoom
Praxis für Yoga und Orthopädie


Praxis für Yoga und Orthopädie


Our upcoming ENGLISH ONLY Momentum Regeneration Yoga Therapy Day workshop will address the question of how to proceed in yoga therapy to prevent and deal with problems concerning our feet.

In my over three decades as a therapist, I have often noticed that most people do not begin to listen to their feet until they speak a clear and often painful language.

Directing attention towards our feet in a competent, benevolent, and understanding way is the first step to establishing a good relationship. The next steps are skillful habit changes both in everyday life and on the yoga mat. Consecutively, the alignment will restore, strength and endurance grow and with that load bearing capacity can increase. Mobilization and traction are easily incorporated and will help nourishing all tissues alike.

We will explore anatomy and pathology in the morning and hold a case-study-based Q&A in the afternoon. As we will see, a wide variety of diseases arises from limited movement as well as subsequent misalignment and weakness and general inattentiveness. Common problems develop such as flatfoot, talipes valgus or achillodynia, from metatarsalgia to heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, from hallux valgus to metatarsophalangeal or metatarsal osteoarthritis.

Practical movement and awareness skills will inspire you to create or sustain pain free functioning of the feet.

We provide you with a video replay that you can access for 6 months.