Time and again there are topics that we work on in our trainings that are so exciting that we also make them available in the form of interviews.


#114: In the interview with Kim Sternemann of the Academy of Being Human, the three steps that can be supportive to get in touch with the possibility of pausing in the first place emerge.
If you slow down and notice a space for conscious awareness, for pausing, you will notice that you always have a choice.

He who pauses, finds stability inside. ❤️
This episode is meant to inspire you to find the courage to stop in a world that is getting faster and faster.

Momentum Regeneration

#99: In the interview with Kim Sternemann from the Akademie Menschsein, we present our new training format "Momentum Regeneration". What does the name mean - how did it come to be founded - what is the vision behind it - the three pillars on which one's own active contribution to health is based - for whom our offer is interesting - and much more :-))

Acute versus chronic pain part 1

#86: Together Katharina Lehman, Kim Sternemann and Dr. Günter Niessen discuss the current view, the differentiated approach as well as the difference in the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Where does pain arise in the first place? What influences our experience of pain? On which levels can we treat pain?

Acute versus chronic pain part 2

#87: In this part of the interview, Katharina, Kim and Günter talk about the differences in the treatment of acute and chronic pain and the possibilities of treating it from a holistic perspective.

12 Areas of Wellbeing Part 1

In this series of interviews, Kim Sternemann talks to Dr. med. Günter Niessen about all areas of our lives that have an influence on our well-being. The first part is about: Habits and change, meaning of life and life design.

12 Areas of Wellbeing Part 2

In the second part, Kim and Günter discuss the healthy handling of relationships and boundaries, lifestyle and creativity.

12 Areas of Wellbeing Part 3

In part three of the series, we discuss topics of mindfulness, cognition and feelings in terms of their relevance to our well-being.

Part 3

from Günter Niessen | 12 areas of well-being

12 Areas of Wellbeing Part 4

The last part of the conversation between Kim and Günter is about the influence of bodywork, breathing and nutrition on our health.

Injury prevention in yoga

#54: In conversation with Kim Sternemann, Dr Niessen discusses his experiences with ways to prevent injuries in general. Too many people injure themselves on the yoga mat. What is the reason for this? And what could every individual basically pay attention to?

Injury prevention in yoga

#55: Concrete suggestions and priorities when practising yoga must not be missing. In this podcast, Kim and Günter discuss the most important principles.