Yoga Therapy-Tag | D e h n e n - essentially cautious?


December 07, 2023 - July 01, 2024


All Day


Katharina Lehman and Dr. Günter Niessen



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Practice for Yoga and Orthopaedics


Practice for Yoga and Orthopaedics


Few topics have carried so much confusion and so many beliefs in the yoga and therapy scene. The lack of movement in our modern times affects our vibratory range and elasticity. Stretching is given therapeutic prominence, and in conjunction with fascia research ideas and their implementation, it has found its way into many bodywork systems. Every yoga teacher has addressed it and integrated stretching into yoga classes. We will shed light on the essentials of the topic in a factual, competent and holistic perspective.

We will discuss the following questions at Yoga Therapy-day:

  • What does stretching mean and what is stretched?
  • What are the methods and how to perform stretching?
  • When and how often should we stretch and under what circumstances is it useful?
  • When is stretching helpful and when is it harmful?

Stretching in yoga and stretching as a therapeutic tool are two fundamentally different measures. In yoga, we can assume that the practitioners are healthy and the tissues are resilient. We can also assume that we ourselves and our students know and consider the concept of Ahimsā. But when does the stretching sensation become stretching pain, and how much of it is healing? As soon as there are physical impairments, it is advisable to be careful with stretching. Injured tissue needs healing, relaxation and protection above all else, and does not benefit from being retraumatized by "pulling on it." Many problems with scars or painful areas of the body become chronic due to the indiscriminate use of stretching.

Katharina and Günter